FamilyMed Clinic - Duncan, OK

“We simply heard our community calling, identified the healthcare
needs and answered.”
Dr. Jay Gregston

The growth of UrgentMed came very quickly and affirmed that there was certainly a need in Stephens County for this facility.   Interestingly, that same growth revealed several other community healthcare needs; the greatest of these were the need for a medical facility and primary care providers for hundreds of area residents. Plus, as we gathered health histories of patients and took care of their emergent needs, we also identified many “ongoing” medical problems that had previously gone undiagnosed or treated. There were multiple causes for these problems; however, a central point to most of them was the lack of medical providers.
What can we do to help resolve this issue?

Experiences with our sister Tuttle clinic confirmed that “urgent care” and “family medicine” go hand‑in‑hand; especially when on‑site X‑ray and lab facilities could serve both entities. The challenge then became to physically take FamilyMed off the drawing board and open the doors. Additional community needs presented themselves daily and the “vision” was moving quickly from consideration and planning to "get-r-done".  During this period we discovered Burton's Meat Market was seeking to change locations (thank you Lord).  That space was immediately acquired and plans drawn for a five exam, 2200 square foot facility that would service up to four providers on a rotating basis.

July, 2007 officially opened the doors of FamilyMed. Immediate objectives were to give the citizens of Duncan and Stephens County an opportunity to establish a “medical home” and secure primary care for their medical needs. Dr. Visal Pok was working with us in the UrgentMed clinic. His education and desire was to practice in family medicine; thus the move to FamilyMed was a natural.

FamilyMedRuth Ann Snider, ARNP had established an excellent practice in Marlow; however, we saw it here at FamilyMed and her value to Duncan. We were very excited and appreciative that she saw the same picture and agreed to join us. Missy Schreckengost, ARNP had served on the UrgentMed team for almost a year. A heart for family and meeting “all” their medical needs, not just emergency care, made her coming to FamilyMed an easy decision. What a team!

FamilyMed utilizes a systematic team approach to providing primary care needs, including immunizations, well child checkups, well woman and man exams, protocol and procedure for management of chronic medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and others. Providing these services, identifying unique medical problems for patients and arranging for them to have an easy continuum of care, we feel that we are adding to the overall health of the individuals in as well as community.

FamilyMedTwo additional distinct advantages immediately surfaced. Since urgent care facilities in Oklahoma cannot take SoonerCare patients, we were instantly able to help the hundreds of folks in our area who were struggling with provider and healthcare needs for their children.  Second, we were able to serve the needs of our HealthClub Discount Card members and to offer FamilyMed patients this wonderful, economical healthcare advantage.

We are truly appreciative of the continuing positive responses we receive.
Thank you for sharing and supporting both the dream and the clinics: FamilyMed and UrgentMed. We are proud to be able to serve Duncan and our extended community of Stephens County and beyond.


FamilyMed Clinic - Duncan, OK

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