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"A Medical Home" ‑ your medical history is available to our team and to providers at our sister facility if needed. UrgentMed

FamilyMed Providers are board certified by the American Academy of Family Practice, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Academy of Physician Assistants.  Their education and experience has prepared them to both provide a wide variety of service abilities and the procedural knowledge to meet the health and medical needs of you and your family.

FamilyMedX‑Ray: We are very proud to offer on‑site digital X‑ray technology to our patients. Our digital technology allows prompt viewing and thus treatment by our trained providers as well as convenient computer storage of your pictures.

Our in‑house facility provides "prompt" continuum of care that our patients deserve.   We are able to run a large range of tests (strep screens, urine analysis, pregnancy, mono, CBC, flu screens, and others) during your visit when treatment is needed.   Our association with national labs and daily out‑source pickup also allows us to initiate a full battery of alternative testing if needed to extend your health care treatment.

Work Related Injuries: Please visit our sister facility - UrgentMed

FamilyMedPediatrics: The word literally means "healer of children", and we respect and honor our role in this process.   Dealing medically with infants, children and adolescents is substantially different, physically, physiologically and financially, from adult treatment.   Besides the normal daily issues with colds, fevers, rashes and ear aches, FamilyMed providers must consider the relevance and implications of congenital, genetic and developmental issues.   Those issues must then be integrated with analytical decisions relating to the concerns of age and the patient's ability to make decisions regarding their health care and treatment plan and/or options.  Treating pediatric patients most often means guardianship, privacy, legal responsibility and informed consent issues.  Our trained staff understands and is prepared to assist.

FamilyMedMedical Specialty Care: We value our extensive list of medical specialists and the relationships with these doctors and clinics.  Again, we are focusing on our patients, their health needs and maintaining excellent an continuum of care. FamilyMed is prepared to assist or schedule referrals to specialists and/or clinics as your treatment  protocol indicates.

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FamilyMed Clinic - Duncan, OK

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